Probate Law
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Plan for Your Future Today & Take Control of Your Assets

Instead of leaving such important decisions to the courts, speak with a lawyer from NC Law Professional Corporation, is dedicated to helping you through every step of your estate planning and are prepared to assist you with such legal services as:

  • Drafting a Will
  • Corporate Will or Second Will
  • Powers of Attorney for Property
  • Powers of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Health Directives
  • Estate Tax Administration
  • Certificate of Appointment of a Trustee with or without a Will

The decisions you make regarding your estate determine how your property will be divided and what estate taxes will need to be paid after your passing. Take control by consulting with Chadha Nascimento LLP today.

Why do I need a will?

If you die without a will, your assets may not automatically go to the people you expect. Funds needed by your family could be tied up in probate court for a long time. In addition, the Courts could make decisions for your minor-aged children that do not align with your wishes.

Not recognizing the importance of having wills and powers of attorney in place or leaving it to the last minute could be financially costly and extremely damaging to your family.

Deciding what will happen to your home, your financial assets, children or your personal possessions after your passing can be a difficult decision and process. However, if you do not make these decisions now, a court may make these decisions for you in the future.

Allow Chadha Nascimento LLP to draft your will and powers of attorneys.

Do you already have a will or powers of attorney in place for some time? Requesting a review of your documents with NC Law will save you time and money. Your circumstances may have changed, so reviewing your documents are crucial. Request our Will Guide today at

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